Iridium (IRD) : The Community Cryptocurrency

An anonymous, privacy-friendly, fairly-mined cryptocurrency with low-supply, high-availability, best-in-class security and an enthusiastic community.

We aren’t here to change the world with crypto, we’re here to change your mind about crypto.

Key Features

Community Focused

We want to grow our community to be one of the best in the world. Without a strong community you can't build trust. Without trust, you can't have a successful cryptocurrency.

Capped Supply

Iridium (IRD) is a Proof-Of-Work cryptocurrency with the maximum amount of coins capped at
25,000,000 (IRD).

Privacy & Anonymity

By default with Iridium (IRD), your transactions are untraceable, and your wallet balance is private. Untraceable transactions are achieved using the technology in CryptoNote called ring signatures.

No Premine

With Iridium (IRD) there was no ICO, pre-mine, token distribution, or any other mechanism for giving an unfair advantage to "founders" of the cryptocurrency.

Stable, Secure & Anonymous

Sometimes you need a stable, secure and anonymous coin to handle your transactions. There are a lot of coins out there to choose from, but we think Iridium (IRD) is your best choice! Using Iridium (IRD) assures your coins maintain their value now and well into the future. Put Your Faith In Iridium (IRD) The Privacy Coin You Can Trust!