☺☺ May Development Update ☺☺

🌻 A new developer from the community, @daclasen has stepped up and created the new Iridium - Java API integration. Daclasan is a dev who specializes in java, frontend, backend and infrastructure engineering. You can start to use the JAVA API in your own applications. Grab it here: Much Thanks to daclasan

❤ This also means we have a new "Dev Integration" set of work that will let us integrate Iridium with as many languages as possible! @daclasan has also contributed an iridium docker module to help with this.

❤ @stevebrush has delivered our first Iridium Payment plugin. The Iridum wordpress / woocomerce plug-in allows WP/WooCommerce stores to accept Iridium! This is an important step for the coin. We need beta-testers to use this. Grab the integration here and ask for support on Discord #dev-wpplugin

☺☺ Donations news ☺☺

❤ @Seb Green has run the pool for awhile now. Since our project is based on donations he has very generously agreed to donate $500 per month. This will go to support iridium and help with marketing efforts. Thanks Seb!

❤ As you know, these donations help us to integrate exchanges and also help us with marketing and getting the word out. The infrastructure is currently provided free of charge by @cryptoguy. But we are planning to pay for this infrastructure at some point when we are big enough.

❤ Please do not hesitate to help this project out, even with a small donation. The BTT post is still there and donation addresses still work!

❤ Big thanks to Comfuzio, Dink, Seymoura and Catz for their help over the past week!

👍👍 Next Steps 👍👍

🙊 Now that the JAVA API is complete, we can move to the next step of integrating Iridium into! is a wonderful decentralize network of exchanges. Community Member, daclasan has taken on this integration. If you are a dthe decentralized network of exchanges. The development of this integration has begun.

🙈 Steve will start to explore web/mobile wallet options.

🙉 Shaun will be finalizing the whitepaper and moving forward with more Iridum Bot support.

Best wishes and talk to all soon!

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