IridiumCraft; Iridium (IRD) Minecraft server Lobby

The Iridium (IRD) Minecraft server IridiumCraft is online

IridiumCraft, the free Minecraft Server for our members childrens !

Join us for some fun on the Iridium (IRD) "IridiumCraft" Community Minecraft Server... Created for children by our children!

Server Location:

IridiumCraft was built for the Iridium (IRD) Communities kids by our kids... Daniel, Milo, Elizabeth, Felix and Oscar!

IridiumCraft is to be played and enjoyed by all community members children, so get your child's account set up today, and let your children play! IridiumCraft is a free to play Minecraft Server.

We extend our thanks to all community members who provided support to allow IridiumCraft to happen. We hope you enjoy this community-developed project.

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