Iridium (IRD) WooCommerce plugin

Iridium (IRD) WooCommerce Plugin

Accept Iridium (IRD) payments for your WooCommerce platform.

Iridium (IRD) for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows merchants to accept Iridium (IRD) at WooCommerce-powered online stores.


  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Accept payments with Iridium directly into your Iridium wallet.
  • Iridium (IRD) wallet payment option completely removes dependency on any third party service and middlemen.
  • Withdraw the wallet to another address
  • Accept payment with Iridium (IRD) for physical and digital downloadable products.
  • Add Iridium (IRD) option to your existing online store with alternative main currency.
  • Exchange rate calculations fully managed via administrative settings.
  • Zero fees and no commissions for Iridium (IRD) processing from any third party.
  • Set main currency of your store in USD or EUR, IRD or BTC, well, whatever you want.
  • Automatic conversion to Iridium (IRD) via realtime exchange rate feed and calculations.
  • Ability to set exchange rate calculation multiplier to compensate for any possible losses due to bank conversions and funds transfer fees or to simply promote the use of Iridium (IRD).
  • The Iridium (IRD) Payment Gateway can be run locally or with a remote node to spare the blockchain storage.