Iridium v4.1.0 RELEASED

Download the v4.1.0 Iridium Coin Wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux now!


The most global, fastest low-cap, low-supply anonymous crypto has a long awaited update! Please download now. Many speed improvements and fixes. The best became better.

  • Fix weird sync at launch (The old sync bug) for both using remote and embedded nodes
  • Enable FusionTX in settings : your inputs/output can be automatically optimized for allowing better big amounts handling
  • QR codes support for adress and key export ( Thx to @Arielony for the idea )
  • New payment ID generator button in sending frame ( thx to @cryptochangements34 )
  • New svg Iridium icon ( Thx Thunderosa for all these beautiful assets )
  • Build with Iridium core v4.1.0 ( latest big maintenance update )


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