Iridium (IRD) / Bitcoin (BTC) TradeOgre Exchange Pair

How to trade Iridium on TradeOgre

Iridium (IRD) is on TradeOgre Exchange marketplace, so you can buy or sell it by BTC/IRD pair. This mean you buy Iridium (IRD) and pay in Bitcoin (BTC) or you sell Iridium (IRD) and you get Bitcoin (BTC).

TradeOgre Account Creation and Balances

Start by creating an account at TradeOgre

So, login to your account and go to account balances

Make sure you run the Iridium (IRD) Desktop Wallet on your win/mac/linux computer.

TradeOgre > Account > Balance


How to send Iridium from your wallet to TradeOgre

Find Iridium (IRD) in the list, there are many pages here: each row is a cryptocurrency.

Use the search field, it’s the faster way to find Iridium (IRD)

TradeOgre > Search for Iridium (IRD)


It will look like something like this:

TradeOgre > Search for Iridium (IRD)

On the right side you can see the Deposit button:

TradeOgre > Account > Balances > Iridium (IRD) > Deposit

Click it, in the page you will see an Iridium address and a Payment ID

TradeOgre Deposit Address and Payement ID


Copy them and paste the adress into your wallet.

Don’t forget to fill the Payment ID, read carefully the red line !

First in your wallet select the SEND button: 

Send Iridium (IRD) from desktop wallet

Then paste in the wallet the information you got from tradeogre’s site:

Iridium Desktop wallet send Iridium to an address with a payement ID

Make sure the amount, address an payement ID are correct : double check the payement ID field is not empty, without this, your deposit will be lost.

Press SEND.
Send Payement with the Iridium (IRD) Desktop Wallet

Now you will have to wait for the transaction to be validated, you can track it on the Deposit history on yourTradeOgre account

When it is validated you will see the coins you’ve sent to your account balance.

TradeOgre Iridium (IRD) Account Balance


How to send Iridium to your wallet from TradeOgre

Go to your TradeOgre account balances.

TradeOgre > Account > Balance

And find in the list our coin, Iridium

On the right side of the page you will the withdraw button

TradeOgre > Account > Balances > Iridium (IRD) > Deposit

Click it. 

In the new page that will open


Fill in the information, how much Iridium you want to send and to what address.
Your wallet’s address can be found in your wallet in your pc/mac/linux

And can be copied with the “copy address button”.

As always make sure information are accurate and press the “Withdraw” button.

Now you will have to wait about an hour (58 minutes) for the transaction to be validated. When it is validated you will see the coins you’ve sent to your wallet’s balance.

Third part is: How to trade Iridium in TradeOgre

Go to and locate Iridium and click on BTC-IRD 

In this page you can BUY & SELL Iridium from & to BTC.

To buy Iridium look at this picture:

And to sell Iridium look at this picture:


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