How to Back Up your Iridium Wallet

Backing up your Iridium Wallet

Hi welcome, here’s a really dead simple way to back up your Iridium Coin Wallet if you don’t have a backup of your key.  Remember, unless you have a backup of your key or your wallet file, we don’t have a way to recover your wallet – even with nice devs!

Wallet files will have a .wallet extension. You can backup your address book too; the extension is .addressbook.

On MacOS and Linux you’ll find these files in your home folder under a hidden directory.

  • macOS: Open your finder finder then hit command-shift G then type ~/.iridium.
  • Linux (and Mac terminal too) : $ cd ~/.iridium

MacOs iridium folder

  • On Windows, files are stored in %appdata%/iridium directory.

open this directory in windows explorer (no Internet explorer or Edge!) by typing directly %appdata%/iridium in the address bar.

windows iridium folder


Copy and paste those files (iridiumwallet.wallet, iridiumwallet.addressbook) to a safe place (like your desktop or a jump drive).

There’s your backup!

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