Hard fork success

Hard fork 4.0.1

Asics proof

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018, a hard fork was scheduled at block #115200. While asics arrive on the market, we decide to remove them from equation because we think that these machines are not fair : no support at all, no open sourced and an exorbitant price despite exceptional performance. We are not against asics machines but estimate that this market is under heavy closed control and we want to keep Iridium decentralized and fair.

That’s why we choose the asic-proof cryptonight lite v7 POW.

LWMA ©Zawy 2017-2018

The LWMA ( Linearly Weighted Moving Average ) difficulty adjustment algorithm is implemented since Iridium version 2 and has been constantly evolving. The version 4.0.1 is the latest LWMA implementation, after being experienced and improved by a lot of crypto currencies, including ours, this version is the most advanced and there is no known exploit. After 60 blocks, and an expected big drop of the overall hashrate, the network has been stabilized. The average target ( the time between each blocks ) since block 115260, is 174.901 seconds which is a great achievement.

The graph below show the stability after hard fork.

LWMA ©Zawy 2017-2018


The 4.0.1 version become mandatory private : the mandatory minimum mixin is now 2 ( become 3 in a transaction) which mean there is no way to trace a transaction and you can’t send a transaction if the mixin is under this minimum. Also the mandatory maximum is 10 to prevent an attack by flooding the blockchain.

Minor improvements

As always, each new version comes with various minor bugs and typo fixes.

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