Iridium (IRD)

Getting Started

Getting Iridium (IRD) Cryptonote Coins

To get your personal Iridium (IRD) wallet address : Just pick the Iridium (IRD) Desktop Wallet for your operating system. Iridium (IRD) Desktop Wallet is available on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Then, Iridium (IRD) tokens can be obtained in two ways :

Iridium (IRD) General Information

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Download Iridium (IRD) Desktop Wallet

Get your personal Iridium (IRD) wallet address


Get Windows version


Get Linux version


Buy Iridium (IRD) On Exchanges

Fill your Iridium (IRD) bag


Choose Your Miner

Get an Iridium (IRD) miner

Many miners are compatible with our current algorithm from CPU to GPU, just do a search with these terms : "mining cryptonight pico"

Start Mining

Mine Iridium (IRD) Blocks
And Be Rewarded

Just point your miner(s) to or use the configurator instructions.

Iridium (IRD) Official Mining Pool