Announcing Iridium 4.0.1

Iridium 4.0.1 is here

Simply put, Iridium 4.0.1 is the most advanced, most GPU friendly and most fair coin there is in the crypto world.

4.0.1 makes it clear that Iridium will be a fair coin and offers a ton of improvements on it's secure, fair and fun interface.

  • Gorgeous Wallet user interface available for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Cryptonight Lite Variant 1 algorithm keeps the coin easy to mine for CPU/GPU and keeps ASIC's out for the time being
  • Secure and fair difficulty adjustments using Zawy's algorithms
  • Mixin ring singature is now mandatory : minimum is 2 and maximum 10. This ensure your transactions privacy
  • Various Bug fixes and speed improvements.
Mac Wallet User Interface Screenshot

Gorgeous Wallet user interface

Grab the new wallets from

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