Who needs the blockchain? Introducing Iridium Remote Nodes.

Who needs the blockchain? Introducing Iridium Remote Nodes.

You asked, you receive.

Remote Nodes is ready for official and wide release!

Point your wallet to nodes.ird.cash port 13007 and be part of the future.


Remote nodes is an option for people who want to save on hard drive space or write applications that use Iridium. It’s one of the most secure and fast ways for you to interact with the Iridium Blockchain.


People have asked for a Remote Node for a number of reasons. If you don’t have enough hard drive space, or you want to reduce sync times, you can use Remote Nodes. Let’s say you want to develop an Iridium application (ahem – airdrop bots, faucets). Having the blockchain locally requires you to wait for syncronization and that can slow development process. A remote node lets you develop your application faster and let us handle it.

This is Optional right?

This is completely optional and you are not required to use it. Decentralization of the block chain is and remains a key principle for Iridum.

How do I get started?

Video Mode:

Text Mode: Open Preferences and enter nodes.ird.cash port 13007

Image Mode:

Can I revert back?

Yes! You can always go back to using a local version.

My Iridium block explorer doesn’t work! Help!

Yes that is one piece of the GUI wallet that won’t function when you’re using remote nodes. You can always go to https://explorer.ird.cash to view.

Can I remove the blockchain from my computer?

Yes! When runnning in remote mode, there is no embedded block explorer. You won’t need the blockchain locally.

If you want to remove the local files and free up 25GB, go to the Iridium folder and delete the following files.

* blockindexes.bin
* blocks.bin
* DB folder
* p2pstate.bin

Hey thanks!

Thank you for using Iridum.  Be sure to hop into the Discord and say hey! Or post a picture of your Iridium Computer on Reddit – we wanna hear from you there.